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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Jason Pominville how much is he worth?

Hey look I'm the team point leader!

Everyone talks about Ryan Miller being signed this summer to a long term deal, but people tend to forget about Jason Pominville. He is the point leader on the team. He plays great two way hockey. Can play the Power Play and Penalty Kill, and stays pretty healthy. Plus he has scored one of the signature goals in Sabre history.

Oh I can watch that all day. Though game 1 of the series,might be my favorite Sabre game ever.

But really how much is he worth and can you get him to sign lower then what he probably could get on the open market?

Right now he is paid, .925 Million and next year is gonna get 1.375 Million. A bargain for the type of talent he is. Then he's a restricted Free agent. But some crazy GM will give him a huge offer sheet. Though Ryan Miller is going to a UFA in 2 summers, Pominville is also critical to lock up long term this summer.

So lets take the point leaders around him and see what they are getting and maybe adopt a rough contract.

  1. Olli Jokinen 62 Points 5.25 Million
  2. Jason Arnott 61 Points 4.5 Million
  3. Eric Staal 61 Points 4.5 Million
  4. Tomas Plekanec 61 Points 1.4 Million (getting a raise soon)
  5. JP Dumont 60 Points 4.00 Million (new deal)
  6. Ray Whitney 59 points 3.55 Million
  7. Kristian Huselius 59 Points 1.4 Million (UFA)
  8. Danny Briere 57 Points 10.0 Million

As you can see for a guy like Jason, who is young, still getting better and a all around player. He's probably going to want something like Derek Roy got. Which is a downright bargain right now. So this summer if you can get a Jason Pominville to a 6 or 7 year deal in the 26 to 32 Million dollar range. I would consider the Sabres lucky. He isn't going to get worse. He can be the face of the franchise. And building around young guys like Vanek, Roy, Pominville and Miller will lead this team to success in the years to come.

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