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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sabres Sens Preview

Oh its a back to back matchup with the Senators a team Sabre fans love to hate. They always seem filled with smug guys, who think they are the best and I hope many just trip and fall face first into the boards. Plus recent playoff matchups have made things more feisty, along with the Brawl from last year. Ottawa is one of the few teams I can see the Sabres just want to beat on. Well early on in the year Ottawa was a juggernaut, couldn't be beat, now they are free falling through the standings. That trade didn't quite work out as well as thought and are only 5 points ahead of 8th in the conference. That from a team who seemed they were going to run away with 1st. Since January 1st they are 16-22-1. Which is pretty bad and 4-6 in their last 10. While other teams, Montreal, Pittsburgh got hot. Ottawa got cold, real cold. The Sens are 4-2 vs the Sabres this year but they haven't played since they lost 5-1 in Ottawa on Feb 12. So its time for some held over hostility.

The Sens

Well the Sens are always led by the big 3, Heatley, Alfredsson and Spezza. Heatley leads with 39 goals and Spezza leads with 84 points. The acquisition of Cory Stillman, makes the drop off from the big 3 to the next guy not so bad. He has 24 goals and 64 points on the year. Mike Fisher is in 5th with 45 points. But has been ice cold of late. The problem for the Sens, just like always, who is net. Marty Gerber hasn't been bad this year and if it weren't for him, they might be fighting for the playoffs right now. But Ray Emery has been a disaster. From Stanley Cup goaltender to Enemy #1 in Ottawa. He hasn't played since February 28th. But the Sens are always dangerous with the top talent they do have. Chris Neil is back in the lineup, so that should stir up the Sabre faithful. Though he didn't play in the last game.


Well I'll be in attendance, so that doesn't say good things for the boys in blue and gold. But still they gotta come out and put it to Ottawa there is no way they can go out and go through the motions. Ottawa, sure I can see. But Buffalo is playing for their playoff lives. Nathan Paetsch is back, not as good if it were Spacek, but I'll take him over Funk. Sekera and Weber can stay up as long as they want, and you might as well set up their lockers for next year. Well win or lose, I'm just looking for a good time. So see you at the Arena, hopefully if Fed Ex Ground is fast with my The Kaleta! shirt on.

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