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Monday, March 17, 2008

Me and the Sabres.

This clip is exactly how I feel about the Sabres right now

I was totally out, I didn't care, then they bust out with this great weekend, and I get right back into the thick of things. If they were consistently bad or consistently good I could handle that. But this up and down and not knowing what they are going to look like game to game is rather annoying. If you were dating someone that gave the Sabres performance you'd probably break up with them. Since you couldn't take the up and down nature for very long. But you might not since you know the good times, which are pretty good. So you would hold out till you really knew its really over.

I had better options then the Sabres so it was easy to escape their recent ineptitude. But there I was on Friday at Staples, getting wrapped up in a good performance, making me all excited again, especially for Ottawa game I get to see on the 25th.

Sabres, please make up your mind with the final 9 games on what team you really are. I'm tired of these Schizo Sabres we've had all year.

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