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Friday, March 28, 2008

The Ghost

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Well we've got to the point where we can compare the Campbell trade. Sure we really have to wait till the draft pick develops. So the trade could be looked at 6 years from now and compare it. But that doesn't help us now. I think we all know about Big Bears first game here as a Sabre and it endeared us to him. But since then? Pretty invisible. Lets look at the stats.

First game 2 goals 1 assist +3
Next 11 games 5 assists -3

Sabre Record 6-6-2 (Bernier missed 2 games)

Now its time to see how Brian Campbell has done since joining the Sharks, I know the Sharks have been red hot, but as a player has Brian Campbell done as a Shark?

15 Games 2 Goals 12 Assists +8

Sharks Record 13-0-2

Well Mr Campbell is doing quite well for himself over in San Jose. Who I keep forgetting have Curtis Brown. Its turning into Sabres West. But they haven't lost in regulation since acquired? Maybe he was the last piece of the puzzle. Well Steve Bernier is who they say he was, a guy with talent, but disappears for stretches, and that is the case here with the Sabres. I know hes young, but can you really have another guy who disappears for stretches? The Sabres don't need another Kotalik, who when on can be a great player, when not, totally unnoticeable. At least with Max he comes to play every night. Bad or good. The Sabres of several years ago were filled with guys not living up to potential. Just because hes a number 1 pick doesn't mean hes gonna be good. People give Vanek a lot of guff, but the guy puts the puck in the net. 100 goals in 3 years is pretty good and he just turned 24. Bernier was taken in the same draft and has 44 goals. The upside is he won't be worth a lot, and can't try to negotiate some outrageous contract. So you can sign him cheap next year. My question is, would you want to?

Oh and Happy 23rd Birthday on Monday Steve.

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