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Monday, March 10, 2008

They lost so, why all the praise?

James McCoy- Buffalo News

Well the Griffs on Saturday night, fell to Rider, sure they showed guts and not giving up. But they still lost. Its like the tournament erased all the bad play and a coach not knowing his lineup till the end of the year, for the Buffalo News. They won a first round game last year and lost in the 2nd round. This year they just lost more games, and were easily beaten in the regular season. So they showed some guts in the tournament. Well guess what, maybe if you showed some of that in the regular season, you wouldn't have been a 10 seed and then have to play Rider in the 2nd round.

They talked about all the players that came up, Logins, Bevilaqua. Well how didn't coach Parrotta know his talented players at the beginning of the season? Letting Willie Hassell and Jovan Robinson suck up minutes with no production. They lost over half of their games by double digits. When your starting a walk on at the end of the year, things must have gone wrong somewhere. College basketball is all about recruiting, and when you find you best players by accident and not by seeing them. It says something about the people your bringing in.

Yes they are a young team, and it will be back last year. You should say give the team patience. But really this is the same team that got cranked by Niagara at the end of the year. A rival. Obviously when determined to play, the Griffs are outmatched. The Broncs, took the Griffs lightly and it almost cost them.

Ill be optimistic, when I see consistent play from this team. You can't say Frank Turner got better this year. The veterns on last years squad made him better. With guys his own age, he struggled. Hopefully they will all grow up together and in a couple years make a serious MAAC run.

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