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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Chalk this one up in the WHAAAAAA? File

Steve rarely choked, but Chris Mohr was there when he did.

I read through the Chris Brown Blog on And this item caught my eye. Steve Christie retired as a Bill yesterday? WHAAAAAA? I thought he retired years ago? Talk about being lost in the Brett Favre news. This is item is lost in the Courtney Anderson visiting Buffalo news. Where did this come from? Being a teenager during the Christie years, I will always remember him fondly. He was the kicker that won the Comeback game. He has the record for longest field goal made in super bowl history. And has the longest field goal in Bills history. Sure Rian Lindell is putting up new records, but Steve Christie was better in my book, and if he played for the Bills, they would have won Super Bowl 25 no doubt.

Well thanks for everything Steve you were a good one. And to think I still can see you everyday when I go outside and see that outdated Artvoice billboard stuck on the old AM&A's building. Its like you are overlooking downtown Steve, and keeping us safe.

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