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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sabres Wings Preview

Well the Sabres come off a bad loss to Montreal where they let the Montreal weapon, the power play run all over them. The Sabres are falling away from the 8th spot at this point and desperately need to put a another run together, to save the season. And to say that it has to come tonight against the top team in the league is a tall order. But the Wings are clipped. Two of the their top scorers and defensemen are out. And have won 1 game in their last 11. But its the Sabres, perfect team to break that slump. They need to come together, and whoever the new captain is for March has a tall order put in front of him. They need to win I would say 75% of the rest of the season, to think about the playoffs. No playoffs this year would be a PR nightmare for this team in the offseason. Only remedied by a Ryan Miller signing and another Free agent or blockbuster trade.

So who(healthy) on the Wings can do damage?

Well its all about Datsyuk and Zetterberg. Two dynamic players who are scoring machines. Zetterberg leads in goals with 36 and Datsyuk leads with assists with 52. They are far and away the offensive numbers leaders, Lidstrom and Rafalski follow behind, but both are hurt. They are getting good numbers from Dan Cleary and Tomas Holmstrom each with 20 goals. And anyone else dangerous is usually Scandinavian. Having 8 swedes on the team. Thats right 8 damn dirty swedes on the team. Hopefully Henrik Tallinder uses team loyalty over country loyalty. Oh Henrik, how are you, here you go open lane to score. CAN'T WAIT FOR 2010!!!!!! Anyway they are dangerous.


I would say things look grim, but I am an optimist. So I say the Sabres might win this thing. New month. Even though they went 8-4-3 in February. Taking 19 out of a possible 30 points. They will need to do better and take 28 out of the next 34 points. To think about making the playoffs. That seems like a lot, but they can do it if they want. Well last year I watched this game from a bar since my cable was out due to the october storm. Lets rally again and win this bad boy.

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