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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Taking a look back (Men)

Its been over a week since our beloved Canisius Golden Griffins ended their season in Albany. (Hey just like Eliot Spitzer!) The mens team had a rough go of it this year, being embarrassed several times and just not being able to win, while rolling through the lineup to find the right combination. The womens team had a building year for a young squad, but both their best players are back next year and I see a bright future for the ladies. So lets take a look at the numbers and see who did what and what future lies ahead for the Men first. The women's review will be later in the day.

Team Stats

Final Record 6-25 (Yikes) 0-15 on the road.
Points per game: 62 the other team: 73.2
Rebounds per game: 34.8 the other team: 37.2
Outscored on the season 2269 to 1923.

Player stats

Best scorer: Frank Turner with 12.9 ppg.
Most time on the Floor: Frank Turner-- 33.7 mpg
Best Shooter (taking in all stats) Greg Logins-- 47% Fg, 41% 3pt, and 71 FT%
Best rebounder: Greg Logins 5.5 Rebounds per game
Best in the paint: Tomas Vazquez-Simmons 5.3 rebounds a game and 84 blocks.

Individual awards

MVP: Tie Frank Turner and Greg Logins. Frank is the engine, but Logins came on very strong at the end of the year, so without him, they wouldn't been in the Tournament games.

Diamond in the rough: Bob Bevilacqua. A kid who was a walk on intermural player to starter at the end of the year averaging 26 minutes a game and 6.8 points per game. Canisius got better when Bob came into the lineup.

Rookie of the year: Greg Logins on a team that was filled with freshman and new players. Mr Logins was way ahead of everyone else, of course it took him till the end of the year to prove it, but should be a force for years to come for the Griffs.

Next years prediction

The team will be very young still. Frank Turner will be a junior and will be better after struggling without senior leadership he had in his freshman year. Greg Logins will be better and Jovan Robinson. Tom Parrotta will have more recruits, though with a last place team, it might be hard for them to come and plus they have to wear yellow shoes. Next year won't be a total success, but hovering around .500 isn't hard to see. By tournament time, if the team stays healthy and grow like they should. A possible deep run could be had, in what isn't a strong conference. 2 years from now is where the Griffs will be dangerous. Well at least this Canisius alum hopes.

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