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Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Newest Bill

Russ Brandon with the Holy Crap I'm a Gm look

Well yesterday the Bills kicked off the free agency period by signing 5 year veterern Kawika Mitchell from the Giants.

Some stats on Mr Mitchell

6'1 253 Lbs

He played in all 16 games last year with 76 total tackles , 3.5 sacks and 1 interception. Hey 1 interception I wonder who he picked off?

Ohhh I almost forgot. Stupid Lee Evans should have had that one.

Well it looks like a good signing, and its not for an outrageous amount of money, only 5 million guaranteed. But you get a solid linebacker, that played last year for a big contract, so that could be an issue. This should make the LB core better, now its time to shore up the DL, and releasing Larry Tripplett yesterday, does make the case for the trade for Marcus Stroud. But we'll see what the Bills are up to. They still need to address WR. They can in the draft, but I'd rather have someone with a proven track record.

Well stay tuned to GCFB, we'll have all the signings and important doings from 1 Bills Drive.

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