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Friday, March 21, 2008

Sabres Leafs Preview

Hey its the Leafs at HSBC, yay, for dumb leaf fans streaming into WNY to see their leafs play in person. One of these days I'll go to a Sabres Leafs game to see what its all about. But I'm glad in staying home to watch. I'd rather not be arrested for Assault. But seriously they are Leaf fans, so you really should feel bad for them. Especially with Sundin and Antropov not in the lineup tonight. And their playoff hopes pretty much over. Good job jerking around your fan base by sucking most of the year, then when the calender says March, actually start playing. Good job overpaid Leaf players. But who knows what Sabre team shows up they might be all about wednesday game think they got this one in the bad and totally flop. Or realize if they win, they tie the Bruins, and put themselves into a playoff spot. I'm sure Lindy has let them know the situation. But you always have that fear with this team, they'll get mentally weak and let down. But they are in a hot streak, and when in a hot streak they tend to stay in that hot streak. But if Vesa Toskala comes to play and stands on his head, they could get out of the game plan. But its always a worry.

The Laffs.

The Leafs come in winners of 3 of their last 4, of course their last loss was to these Buffalo Sabres. They come in banged up and with little hope of making the playoffs. Even with their great run of late, they didn't make up much ground. Now with Sundin out for a decent amount, they have not many offensive weapons left. So I imagine they will try to lock down on the defensive side and not give up a lot of chances. Their last game was against the Islanders so thats not a good measure what to expect. Probably what happened last time is a better measure. So guys like Kaberle, Steen, Blake, Stajan and Ponikarovsky are the ones to look out for. But it will be all about the defense and goaltending. If Toskala doesn't have his "A" game, this one is over before it starts.


Well with the Sabres not playing till tuesday, and the Leafs with a game in Ottawa tomorrow. I expect the Sabres not to hold back, especially if Lindy said if they win and play well they get the Easter Weekend off. A couple days off is an incentive for anyone to play balls out. I just can't see the Sabres laying an egg tonight. But I've been known to be wrong. And if a couple soft goals go in. The Sabres could do whatever. But lets hope they know whats at stake and after the almost Tampa disaster, they won't screw around again. Lets hope they make Good Friday a good one for the Sabre fans and finally put the Leafs out of their misery.

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