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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Id post a game preview

Below would include a preview of tonight's game. But not today

Its not that I'm tired of game previews. I actually like them, its fun to find out about other teams and who is on them, so you can watch the game a little more informed. But its that I'm tired of reading and talking about the Sabres right now. I really am, its been constant sabre talk for so long. Thats why a little NFL Free Agency was a breath of fresh air, I'm tired of this team and I'd like to watch games and just take them for fun and not likes its some life of death thing. They don't make the playoffs, big deal. Its April and its time to get the hell outside. I wasted too many good days staying inside watching a heartless Sabre team last year falter. Plus hockey reminds me of winter and I'm tired of that too. This weekend's storm depressed me. I want to wear a polo shirt, I wanna feel that warm air in in the morning going to work, I want to see green everywhere again.

I'll watch a bit of tonights game, but if they win or lose I won't be too concerned because in the end its just a hockey game. And real life is much more important to spend on my time on. You know like work, family and girlfriend. Well my girlfriend has done a great job of making me do other things then waste time watching hockey. Though I'm excited about going a game later in the month. I'll go to them. But I'm not wasting that much time watching them on tv. So Sabres, make me wanna tune in again.

And yes I'll probably feel different again, if they break off a few wins.

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