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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

So another look at the standings

Well listening to local sports radio they were bringing up changing the point totals for wins and shootout wins and losses. Jeremy White the boy wonder, was like it would be worse for the Sabres as they would be 4 points back. Really, did he just multiply wins by 3? So lets look at it game by game and rip apart the season and see what wins were shootout wins and realign the Eastern Conference. This will take a little time, but could be fun. We'll use Cbssportsline, since they do a good job of game breakdowns. (Its also where i get my logos)

The Eastern Conference Standings as of 3/5/2008

1. Pittsburgh6883

2. Montreal6781

3. Carolina6873

4. New Jersey6782

5. Ottawa6780

6. Boston6677

7. N.Y. Rangers6777

8. Philadelphia6774

9. Buffalo6773

10. N.Y. Islanders6871

11. Washington6770

12. Toronto6868

13. Florida6968

14. Atlanta6765

15. Tampa Bay665

Ok we'll now break it down with Regulation wins as 3 points, OT/Shootout wins as 2 points, and OT/Shootout losses as 1 point. We'll only go to 11, since I have limited time.

  1. Ottawa 111 points
  2. Pittsburgh 110 points
  3. Carolina 99 Points
  4. Montreal 109 Points
  5. New Jersey 108 Points
  6. Philadelphia 104 Points
  7. Boston 104 Points
  8. NY Rangers 103 Points
  9. Buffalo 99 Points
  10. NY Islanders 94 Points
  11. Washington 93 Points

Well I guess Jeremy White was right, about being 4 points back, but with the 3 point structure. A four point lead isn't as daunting as it may seem. But still the early part of the season is catching up to the Sabres right now. Starting 6-10-1 in the first 17 really put them in a early hole. Of course Ottawa was 15-2 in their first 17 games. Now the Sabres have gained 10 points on the Sens since their first meeting.

So the conclusion to this study is, the system is fine where it is. It really doesn't make much of a difference. Things even out over 82 games.

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coolman856 said...

The only change I would make to the system is make a win all or nothing. If you win, you get 2 points, you lose you get nothing. No matter if the win comes in regulation, overtime, or a shootout.

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