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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sabres Flyers Preview

Well here we go almost a week after they last met, a game I guess you can say swung momentum for both teams. Since that pre trade deadline debacle by the Sabres. The "poetic justice" game. The Sabres have gone 1-2, the Flyers 2-0-1. Critical points lost by the Sabres and critical points gained by the Flyers. This is a critical game for the Sabres, one of those must win scenarios. They need to keep pace, they lose tonight, and the playoffs are slip sliding away. Which for this club and the PR department is something they don't need hearing about all summer. The ghosts of Drury and Briere will haunt them again, especially if there is playoff success enjoyed by either one. For their own sake, their own pride, they need to win tonight in Philly. Nothing pretty, nothing fancy, just a win. By any means necessary.

So who is going for the Flyers tonight?

Well Mike Richards is still out, so Danny Briere is going to have to bring it tonight, along with the rest of the offensive cast. New guy Vinny Prospal, RJ Umberger, Mike Knuble and Scotty Hartnell. Basically Danny Briere and guys they acquired through trades. Oh yeah and that douche bag Jeff Carter. I don't know why, but he rubs me the wrong way. Marty Biron has started the last 4 games, so I would expect him tonight. Its obvious he has won back the favor of John Stevens.


The Sabres are scratching Paille and Kalinin, to send a message I guess. Putting in Peters and Sekera instead. Sekera is a future starter so might as well put him in. He'll probably take Kalinin's spot next year when he leaves. Cheaper and just as good, maybe better. Peters is in for guys like Riley Cote and Steve Downie. I would imagine The Kaleta! will be unleashed a bit tonight. Mair, Peters and Kaleta are instructed to hit anything that moves. I guess you could think the Sabres are angry at how they are playing, at least their Coach is. It just seems like sometimes they don't care or they think they'll pull it out. On second thought maybe a year without the playoffs wouldn't be the worse thing for this team. Make them question how good are they. Because, I have no idea how good the Sabres really are.

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