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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sabres Lightning preview

Oh its the late March Sabres vs Lightning showdown. Man if this was the old days, you could probably get this game for 5 bucks a ticket. Now since the Sabres are decent and buzz worthy, you gotta pay full price. LAME! But its a big game for the Sabres. They need to win to keep pace with the Bruins, Flyers, Capitals and Panthers. They have played well the last two games and of course what do they get? A couple days off to get lazy again and feel all good about themselves. But who knows they might come out with the spirit of Pat Kaleta and just kick ass and take names later. Make Vinny Lecavalier beg for mercy. The Lightning are one of those teams floundering this year only to get stronger next year, maybe. They are kinda hot coming in on a 3 game win streak and Mike Smith, has only given up one goal in 2 games. And they also are coming in off a break, so both teams will be rusty. Mike Smith since acquired is only 3-5 as the starter. And given up 22 goals in those 8 games. Not bad numbers, but he hasn't seen the Sabres so they might have an advantage.

The 'Ning

Since the trade of Vinny Prospal and Mike Richards, there is a huge gap between the big 2 on this team Lecavalier has 85 points and St Louis has 77 points. The next guy is Jeff Halpern with 35 and Jussi Jokinen with 34 and they both came from Dallas. So they gave up a bit of offense at the Trade Deadline. If they didn't pick up a decent goaltender they would be in a ton of trouble. But still their defense is suspect, well beyond Ranger and Boyle. Mike Smith should be a good starter for them and if they can pick up a couple solid blueliners, they could be a team to contend with next season, especially playing in the Southleast division. Atlanta won't be good, Carolina I don't see being that strong. Washington will be the toughest team in the division.


If the Sabres come out and punch the 'ning in the face right off the bat, I don't see them losing. But if they come out lazy and expect to win, since its Tampa, they'll lose. The Sabres aren't good enough to coast anymore. It took them long enough to realize it, but they have to come out and want to win. Its a home game, theres positive buzz again, so there should be some energy. Just let The Kaleta! loose, and things should be okay. Look out Filip Kuba, #36 is comin for you!!!!

Its just gonna be another Kaleta Collision.



Anne said...
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Anne said...

Let's try that again:

I knew the Lightning only had 1 decent line of forwards with Vinny, St. Louis, and________, but I based this solely on watching them play against us, I didn't investigate stats. That',77,35? Crazy.

Anonymous said...

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